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Councilwoman Traci Park Calls for Report on Protocols for Responding to New Street Drugs

Posted on 05/10/2023
Councilwoman Traci Park

LOS ANGELES - In response to the disturbing increase in fentanyl linked opioid deaths and regular emergence of more potent, deadlier street substances in Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Traci Park introduced a motion on Friday calling for information sharing communication between first responders, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and City personnel who come into regular contact with these substances.

"In light of these reports, it is vital that we ensure our first responders have the necessary protocols and resources to respond to these new, more dangerous substances," Councilwoman Park emphasized. 

Park’s motion responds to the 1,280% increase in fentanyl linked deaths between 2016 and 2021 in Los Angeles County as well reports of new illicit drugs like “tranq,” which is more potent than fentanyl, unresponsive to NARCAN - an opioid reversal drug - and, in severe cases, can lead to amputation. As more City departments encounter these substances in their everyday work and prepare for training in NARCAN use, Councilwoman Park’s motion also asks the City’s Personnel Department to report on efforts to prioritize worker safety. 

Councilwoman Park emphasized the urgent need to address the issue stating that it will likely impact the most vulnerable populations, including the homeless and youth. "We need to get ahead of this problem to ensure the safety of these vulnerable communities," said Park.

Park hopes her motion will help the city better understand the response procedures of first responders and work closely with local health authorities to ensure the safety of City personnel and community.